20-12-2022 - Laptops donated by Van Lodenstein College.

Van Lodenstein College is donating laptops to our school! This will give ICT education a new boost. Much greater flexibility is also achievable. An additional advantage is that the computer lab with old standalone PCs can be dismantled and used as a normal classroom. The school is currently growing very fast.

19-11-2022 - Registered Cambridge School

Interlakes began the 2022/2023 school year as a registered Cambridge school. This means that classes are taught largely in English, using an excellent curriculum. We are very happy that this is possible, our students are now even better prepared for a place in Ethiopian society.

06-05-2022 - Interlakes International School is working on new construction!

The plan is for the school to expand significantly in the coming years: all classes will be doubled. This allows even more students to take advantage of our education, and expansion helps us to run financially sound. A new library was built in the summer of 2021, as well as a new dormitory (for toddlers). We are happy with the result. At least 10 more classrooms will be built in the coming years.

Corona crisis

Unfortunately, due to the corona crisis, Interlakes has been closed since mid-March. Students are given a weekly packet of homework, created by Interlakes teachers, so that they can still develop.

These months parents pay less tuition, making the school’s financial position (extra) difficult. The number of corona attacks increased significantly in June, and there is no word yet on when the school can reopen.

Thanks in part to support from the board, we have so far been able to continue paying salaries in full, although we have had to cut travel allowances, for example.
Additional donations could be put to good use!


Visit handymen

In March, we welcomed an enthusiastic group of handymen from the Netherlands. A lot of work was done: sewing curtains, building a toilet block, assembling chairs, giving the generator a major overhaul. And it was also very enjoyable.

Handymen, thank you very much!


New director couple!

May 2019, Arie and Arda Maasland will join Interlakes as director couple.
We welcome their arrival!



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